Outstanding Alumni

1. Taifeng Peng, Grade of 1998,
Major: Business Administration,
Current employment: Beijing Shang Jia Hong Tai Investment Development Company, one of the founder of Beijings Sias Alumni

2. Name:  Xuelei Chen, The Class of 1999
Major: International Trade
Current Employment: Senior Financial Analyst
Enterprise: BMW (China) automotive trade co., LTD
Blessing: I have learnt a lot at SIAS International University: Excellent qualities and personalities.

3. Name ;Ling Guo
Class: 1, Grade 2002
Major: International Business
Current employment: the associate Township Government

4. Name: Fuxiang Lv, The Class of 2002,
Major: Electronic Business
Current Employment: CEO and Co-founder
Enterprise: Beijing Weirui Technology co., LTD      
BlessingLife in universities is enjoyable and unforgettable. Under the open and inclusive environment at SIAS, I have learnt about being positive, optimistic, and persistent. What I have learnt at SIAS has helped me all the way. I wish my dear university develop more elites and will be better and better. Also,, deliver my best wishes to all alumni for their hard work and bright future.

5. Name:  Xiaosheng Zhu, The Class of 2003,
Major: Accounting computerization
Current Employment: Technical Director of Mobile phone
Enterprise: Sina Wireless Business Company    
Blessing: SIAS is one distinguished university with beautiful environment; one charming university with full love; and one outstanding university with high degree of internationalization. I wish SIAS to be flourish and thrive in the future!

6. Name: Yinhe Zhao, The Class of 2006 Major: Business Administration
Current Employment: Regional manager of north China
Enterprise: Jia He Science and technology co., LTD, Kunming
BlessingMay institute can develop more business elite!

7. Name:  Ning Guo, The Class of 2006
Major: Business Administration
Current Employment: Project manager  
Enterprise: Precision electronics co., LTD, Shanghai Xutong
Blessing SIAS business school, the cradle of talent to take off!

8. Name:  Guanghui Hu, The Class of 2006
Major: Business Administration
Current Employment: Regional Manager (Henan Area)
Enterprise: BMW automotive finance (China) co., LTD
BlessingSIAS business school, nourish the dream of earth!

9. Name: Guiyi Liu
Class: 2006
Major: International Business
Current employment: Manager of Henan Gui De Commercial and Trade Company

10.Name : Xingtao Peng
Major; Tourism Management
Current Employment: the founder of Golden Sun Education Training Company
11. Name: Kang Gao, Meng Zhang, Fei Yang
Class: 2008
Major; Business Administration and Electronic Business
Current employment: self-employed, established the brand of Bu Yanon the   e-business platform, such as Tian Mao,Jing Dong.

12. Name:  Peng Ye, The Class of 2008,
Name:  Peng Ye, The Class of 2008,
Major: Business Administration
Current Employment: General Manager
Enterprise: Luoyang bearing accessories co., LTD    
Blessing: I regard SIAS as one sanctuary in my heart wherever I am. SIAS is the platform that my life took off. I mastered knowledge and expanded my horizon here. I am so proud of being one family member of SIAS International University. I wish SIAS a lot of good fortune and a better future.

13. Name Jie Zhang
Class; 2009
Major: accounting
Current employment: China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation

14. Name: Lubin Ma
Class : 2009
Major: Business Administration
Current employment: Manager of Henan Yu Electrical Company

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