Message from the Dean

Welcome to theBusiness School at Sias International University of Zhengzhou University. TheBusiness School was established in 2007 through a merger of the formerDepartment of Business Administration and the Department of Economy and Trade.In such a short time, the Business School has experienced tremendous growth. Ithas been a great honor for me to lead the school through this fast-growingstage and I am excited to be a part of its future growth.

In the twenty-firstcentury, it is crucial for business leaders to understand the world economy andbe able to work in an environment with people from diverse cultures.

Dr. Shawn Chen,Sias founder and chairman, wanted to create a place where students and scholarsfrom the east and west could meet, exchange ideas and benefit from each other. Iam proud to say that we have fostered an international learning environmentthat is committed to preparing our students to become globally competitive withcross-boundary thinking. We have also created exchange programs withinternational partner schools from around the globe to help our students toform a global perspective.

Sias Business Schoolhas always been committed to building a vibrant teaching and learning communityof business administration education. Our faculty members are leaders not onlyin the academic world but also in business as well, which allows them to shareknowledge from the textbook and first-hand practical experiences in the class.They also devote their time to research as well as innovative andentrepreneurial projects.

Students First is the guideline for ourwork each day, we want to inspire and  educate our students in a way that we would wantour children to be educated.  As aprivate institution, this allows us to offer unique opportunities to our studentsto learn, grow, and create value for organizations and our society.

We all know thatchoosing a university is a life-shaping decision; I believe Sias is anexcellent place to prepare you for your business career. I invite you to joinour Sias community; we want to prepare you to become a successful businessprofessional and a leader in your field and in society.