Business School of Sias International University

Sias Business School is growing up in a beautiful city, Xinzheng where there is a harmonious coexistence of the citys rich cultural traditions and its rapid economic development, and is famous for the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Hometown and the National Strategic Airport.

In Business School, students are treated and educated with the accordance of our mission enable students to become a full-fledged global competitor by focusing on teaching and research as well as inspiring innovation, entrepreneurship and thinking cross boundary, which calls for them to be independent, self-motivated and cooperative and they are expected to grow up as world citizens with international perspectives and competitiveness.

The Business School has 6 academic departments in business administration, marketing, accounting, financial management, economics and international trade and statistics. The school offers diversified programs in economics and management for bachelor and master degree. It is now developing the MBA and students exchange programs with overseas university.

The formation of the Business School consolidated the vast resources of the Administration Department and the Economics and International Trade Department in 2007. Currently, It has over 150 full-time faculty who is conducting rigorous and original research with a focus on central Chinas ongoing economic and managerial development. The integration gathers the outstanding faulty together, which consists of at least 10% overseas background teaching faulty, and almost 25% owns Doctoral or Professor title. Centering around the mission, The school has cooperated programs with top domestic universities and overseas universities as well.

The Business School also has an impressive 140-seat Financial Practice Lecture theatre, a wide range of teaching and seminar rooms and a high-tech management learning laboratory, equipped with high-end business development software.

As the school enters the next phase of its development, we will continue to raise the standard of business education and research on a national and international level. The location of the Campus and the cooperation with other universities further extended the Business School's range of business programs and research opportunities, which helps us to meet the needs of our partners in the business community.

Quick Facts

  • Contact information

   Email: business_school@sias.edu.cn

   Telephone: +86-371-62607771

  • Location

   School of Business, Sias International University

   168 East RenMin Road, Xinzheng,Henan - 451150

   The Peoples Republic of China (PRC)

  • Student enrollment, academic year 2014-2015:

12000 approximately

  • Faculty, academic year 2014-2015

217 teaching and administration staffs


40 professors

30 staffs with international education background

20 academic foreign faculty  

  • Academic Departments and selected Research Centers

   Department of Business Administration

   Department of Marketing

   Department of Accounting

   Department of Financial Management

   Department of Economics

   Department of International Trade and Statistics

   Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Center

   Research Center for Innovation Management and Sustainable Development

   Research Center for Financing and Auditing Development

   Research Center for Economic Development and Data Mining

   International Program and Development Center

  • Masters Degree programs

National economics

Business management

  • Bachelors Degree programs

   Business Administration

   Business Administration (E-commerce)

   Business Administration (Real Estate Development and Management)

   Business Administration (International Business Management)

   Business Administration (Golf)

   Human Resource Management

   Logistics Management (International Logistics Direction)

   Statistics (Market Survey and Analysis)

   Tourism Management

   Tourism Management (Foreign Tourism)


   Marketing (Business Planning and Management)

   International Economics and Trade



   Finance (Insurance)


   Accounting (Auditing)

   Financial Management

   Accounting Computerization

  • Two-year Bridge Programs

   Business Administration


   Tourism Management



  • Three-year College Degree Programs

   Business Enterprise Management

   Business Enterprise Management (Golf Management)

   Logistics Management

   Tourism Management

   Accounting Computerization

   Accounting and Auditing

   Financial Management and Practice.