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To cultivate young students with integrity, mental health, sound personality and all-round development, we are strengthening the scientific theories.

 To build forging talents, leading disciplines, prominent teaching and research, wide influence of the characteristics of the college, we are working with advanced ideas. 


Guided by Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the core values of socialism, we will stick to virtue first and cultivate people with socialist mind and professionalism, moral integrity, and all-round development, so that the qualified builders and reliable successors for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics will realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Wang Guilan, professor, dean of the Dept. of Ideological and Political Education and office head of the Theory and Outline of Marxism. She mainly teaches the course of Outline of Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Born in June, 1954, she graduated from the Dept. of Philosophy of Zhengzhou University in 1982. She has won the Award of Teaching Master of Ideological and Political Theory of Henan Higher Education in 2012, and the Second Prize of Humanistic and Social Science Research Findings of the Education Dept. of Henan Province in 2013, the Excellent Ideological and Political Theory Teacher of Henan Higher Education in 2015. She has taken charge of 3 provincial leveled research projects, taken charge or participated more than 10 municipal leveled research projects and got 6 first prizes. She has published 8 core journal theses, and has won the first prize of Henan Provincial Outstanding Achievements and the Third Prize of Higher Education Group of the National Multi-media Education Software Contest.



 Li Bin, male, member of the CPC Party, assistant professor, M.A..He mainly teaches three courses, Outline of Modern Chinese History, Current Situation and Policy, and Cultivation of Ethic Thought and Fundamentals of Law. He is the winner of the First Prize of the 13th Session Ideological and Political Theory Course Fund of Henan Higher Education. He has engaged in the ideological and political education for a long term and has won the honors of Excellent CPC Party Member and Excellent Youth League Cadre of Zhengzhou University, Excellent Teacher and Advanced Individual in Scientific Research of Sias International University. He has taken charge of 3 provincial leveled research projects, 22 municipal leveled research projects, 7 school leveled research projects, and has got 14 first prizes in his municipal leveled researches. He has published 28 academic papers, among which 2 recorded by CSSCI, 5 core journal theses, and has published 1 monograph.



Wang Zifang, Associate Professor, Director of Basic Teaching and Research Department. Born in May 1978, she graduated from henan normal university with a bachelor's degree and the school of philosophy of renmin university of China with a master's degree.In 2016, she was awarded Henan Province Civilized Teacher. During her teaching period,she was engaged in the teaching and research of "Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis" for a long time.She is deeply loved by students and has been awarded the honorary title of excellent teacher, advanced individual in scientific research and excellent teacher for many times. Published 12 academic papers, including 4 in Chinese core journals; Participated in one national project, and undertook more than 10 scientific research projects at or above the municipal department level, among which, 2 at the provincial level, 3 won the first prize of research results at the department level, and 2 won the second prize of research results at the department level.


Shen Ping, female, associate professor .She graduated from the Philosophy Dept of Henan University in 1987.She mainly teaches two courses :Philosophy and Logic,. She is the winner of the Second Prize of the 11th Session Ideological and Political Theory Course Fund of Henan Higher Education , as well as the honors of Excellent Teacher and Advanced Individual in Scientific Research of SIAS University Since she worked ,.she has not only published 20 academic papers, (including 6 core journal theses) and 2 monograph but also presided over 4 provincial projects ,and 10 department-level projects,. In the field of teaching and scientific research, she won two national awards, 4 provincial and ministerial awards, and 7 department-level awards.


Wu Wenjun, Professor,Department of situation and policy teaching and research director,Chief  professor  of  PLA  air defense academy,Doctoral supervisor,Outstanding young and middle-aged experts named by the former general staff,Experts who enjoy special government subsidies from the state council。He has long been engaged in the research and teaching of international politics, national military security and information warfare。Member of the expert group of the 18th national congress of henan province。Henan Provincial central plains lecture hall lecture experts。Presided over the completion of more than 30 national social science and military research projects。He has won many scientific and technological progress awards for outstanding teaching achievements at the military level.


Yan Yan Yan graduated from  Jinan university (Guangzhou,2005)with psychological master degree.Present  main subject in Mental health & Educatinal psychology.